New iPass Global Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

With the most recent release of the iPass Global Wi-Fi SmartConnect™ client, the Hotspot Finder is taken to a whole new level, leveraging the power of the iPass SmartConnect mobile connectivity platform to give you the most accurate, up-to-date location information about the hotspots in our Global Wi-Fi network.

How does it work?

Previous versions of the Hotspot Finder relied upon static lists of access points provided to us by our suppliers, which were often incomplete, contained sketchy or missing geolocation data and would invariably change over time – but not necessarily in real time, or even in a reasonable time. Due to this reliance on vendor provided data, iPass had a real challenge to understand true locations of the millions of access points in the network, let alone track many performance metrics necessary to ensure the best quality connections. You can probably see why it would be extremely exciting that technology provides much more accurate and up-to-date information about the hotspots in the iPass network. That’s where the new Hotspot Finder, based on our proprietary iPass SmartConnect data, comes in! With this new version of Hotspot Finder, the iPass SmartConnect platform actually learns about the real-time location and real-time performance of the hotspots you encounter as you roam.

As you use the iPass client on your device, it is sensing and collecting location and performance data from all of the hotspots it encounters (both within and without our network).  It then sends this data back to the iPass Global Wi-Fi SmartConnect platform in the cloud (without compromising your device battery life, your data usage, or your privacy.) The iPass SmartConnect platform then correlates this information with that sent by other iPass clients, past and present, to build the most accurate real-time global view of hotspot location and performance.

So what does that all mean for you?

First of all, the new hotspot finder will show you the most accurate information possible based on the real experiences of every iPass SmartConnect client user. And finally, iPass SmartConnect will keep you connected to the highest quality network available, so that you can remain productive no matter where you are.

How do I get it?

If you are not already connected with the iPass Global Wi-Fi Service, you can sign up for the service here:

Users of the Ipass Global Wi-Fi service,  simply make sure your iPass client/app is updated to the last version. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Flexinets Customer Support.

We are happy to help out!