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Why Choose Flexinets?

  • Stay securely connected with the world’s largest InFlight WiFi network​
  • Access 68 million Wi-Fi hotspots in 180 countries including airports, airplanes, hotels, train stations, trains, outdoor venues, cafés, and more​
  • Enhanced security for mobile professionals on the road using Last Mile VPN​
  • Cost-effective, high-speed, and high-quality service​
  • Always-on connectivity to access your business-critical data wherever you are in the world​​

As a consultant who’s constantly on the move, reliable and secure connectivity is paramount for me. I’ve been using Flexinets for the past year, and the experience has been exceptional. Not only do I enjoy secure access to Wi-Fi hotspots in virtually every location I travel to, but the cost-effectiveness of their service has also contributed to significant savings on my mobile bills. I highly recommend Flexinets to any professional who values seamless global connectivity.

Our company has a distributed team spread across various countries. Ensuring secure, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity for our team was a challenge until we found Flexinets. Their service has made a world of difference to our operations – enabling secure data access and communication no matter where our team members are. The added bonus is the substantial savings we’ve noticed on our connectivity expenses. Flexinets is a game-changer for businesses with mobile workers or distributed teams.

Stay Connected With Us

Whether you’re an existing customer in need of support or a prospective client interested in our services, we’re here to help. Our expert teams based in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are always ready to assist you with your global connectivity needs.

Flexinets Sweden
Flexible Networks Nordic AB
Visiting Address: Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, SE-111 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3029, SE-720 03 Västerås, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)8 5465 8420

Flexinets Finland
Flexible Networks Nordic OY
Visiting Address: Tekniikantie 14, 02150 Espoo, (Helsinki) Finland
Tel: +358 (0) 94 245 0327

Flexinets Denmark
Visiting Address: Savsvinget 7, 2970 Hørsholm, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: +45 7014 539 9

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